Portfolio Dec 2021 Report and Jan 2022 Strategy

Dec portfolio as follows:


GOMT will list their token on bitmart in Feb 2022 and Hitbtc in Jan. Token value has been dropping since there is no utility for the token. Expectations to change in end 1Q when the crypto wallet is integrated as a payment option and they will attend two major events. One in Feb of 2022 (The Blockchain Event- Fort Lauderdale, FL USA) and the second in Apr of 2022 (Bitcoin 2022 — Miami FL USA). for details, see link.

TRU price has been sideways in Dec, have written an analysis article for 2022.

QTF price spiked up again to 20+ due to fiat on-ramp and unlocking utility for prop trading strategies.

LOC price has been stable for 3+. Due to Omicron, the value should remain stagnant till there are more favorable news. On the tech side, LOC have been developing and releasing features. For details, see link.

HYDRA price has been dropping but still getting good yield from staking though. For developments, see previous link.

BetU will launched the Fantasy V2 on Jan 4th. Been staking in Beefy in the mean time to accumulate more BETU before the new league starts.

DFYN and ROUTER price been dropping due to slow launch of their mainnet which is now targeted for end-Jan. Still staking though.

DFL, holding a very small position in DFL, played the game, didn’t find it appealing to me though.

HBOT is the governance token for Hummingbot, and gotten some of the tokens. Thank you for the tokens! While there is no value except from the uniswap pool. They will most likely release more utility because 36% is reserved for the community pool. For details, see link.


Looking at bloktopia and FTM.


Still going hyper-compound Matic(if possible), invested in Balancer pool. Although Matic didn’t fly in dec, it will in 2022.

Dec Strategy

Stacked more TRU, BETU, MATIC, BETU, bhome when possible.

Been playing around with INJ dex, and getting involved with their trade-and-earn campaign.

Will continue to trade FTX futures.

TrueFi, My Pick for 2022 and Beyond!

Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided by Coincise. The content below does NOT constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, nor does any of the information contained on this article constitute a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell any digital assets, securities, options, or other financial instruments or other assets, or to provide any investment advice or service.

Truefi has done over a billion in loan origination since inception in 2020 Nov, paid $8.6 million in interest to lenders and $991k to TRU governance. For more info, see https://dune.xyz/tt_tyler/truefi-loan-stats .

Based on the latest blog post by the their CEO, https://blog.trusttoken.com/truefi-kicking-off-year-2-f1d836ba8a90 . Truefi is aiming for 1 Trillion in loans origination!

Very big hairy audacious goal indeed. In 2022, Truefi intend to target such as venture debt, corporate debt, CDOs & CLOs, and many more; meaning, bridging the gap to the traditional finance market! In order to deliver that trillion dollar target, Truefi has upgraded their lending engine to V5 (latest by Jan 2022) and a number of initiatives in 2022.

One of the initiative is opening TrueFi to 3rd party asset managers who will construct entirely new lending pools, servicing brand new types of borrowers. To test this,

Truefi has first to launch an independent lending pool on the protocol. With the proposal of the TrustToken Asset Management lending pool, designed to offer B2B loans under different terms than the existing TrueFi pools, TrustToken will take on the risks and complexities of making 3rd party support work seamlessly to build the best possible platform for future asset managers wanting to launch new financial products through TrueFi. see link

If the 3rd party asset managers initiative is successful, this can open up traditional finance folks in the lending space to join uncollaterized lending space. However, to attract the tradfi players, there are three items to V5 engine upgrade:

  • Automating Loan Rating
  • Borrower TRU Staking
  • One-Click Borrowing

For details on the three items, see link.

Currently, the circulating supply is 548,956,194 with 3 more tranches of 33,562,500 to be released next year till August 2022 https://blog.trusttoken.com/truefis-tru-token-economics-7facea6651c0 ; thus, adding a total of 100687500 tokens by August 2022. With over 200 million TRU stake at Truefi, the floating supply is closer to 348 million, cex at 167 million (See https://etherscan.io/token/tokenholderchart/0x4c19596f5aaff459fa38b0f7ed92f11ae6543784) and at current price of 0.35 cents per token.

Based on the supply exchanges from Santiment (1 mth gap), the cexes has 150 million back in end nov, and this number has increased to 167 million ( manual calculation from etherscan). .

Based on the continuation supply in exchanges and tranches to be released, TRU price should be suppressed till 2Q 2022 whereby the 3rd party asset manager results should be clearer. Time to load up till then!
[Update 13Jan 2021] There will be a townhall on 14th Jan https://twitter.com/trusttoken/status/1481392467169660932?s=21. Hopefully i can attend cause it will be 2am my time…… zzzz , hopefullly more updates from me by then.

[Update 14Jan 2021] manage to get up and attend the townhall, the next level they are going for the protocol is to let traditional coys to originate loans through asset manager. this asset manager is basically a 3rd-party that will use trufi to borrow and manage money from the trufi community pool of funds. They have one coy in place – delt.ai and will start to look for more. they will release this new feature once audit is completed.

Truefi is going to charge 50 bips (as suggested by the CEO) for loans origination which can stacked up a lot in scale if they hit more than 1 billon in this year end, better if 1 trillion which is quite a tall target. We shall see.

The demo on the product is prototype but basically show the process of 3rd party asset manager registration, more details to be released later. TruFi tokenamics will be reworked for these changes and hopefully on the L2 front.


TL:DR, keep stacking more TRU because in the market, goldfinch, maple and tru are in the under/no collaterized lending market, and TRUFI is the largest in terms if loans origination, 1 billion USD  last year and no company has defaulted so far. Given the release schedule of the tokennomics till aug 16th, prices will continue to be suppressed IMHO and will be price 0.30 – 1.00 till 3Q. Time to load up!

Portfolio Nov 2021 Report and Dec Strategy

Nov portfolio as follows:


GOMT has listed their coin on Hydra Dex and will list the token on a tier 2 exchange which will be announced in December.  Was hoping for Kucoin though. The price fluctuates 0.99 to 1.87 in Nov and reach 3000 GOMT burnt. For more details on their progress -> https://gomeattoken.medium.com/?p=9d212dfd30d6

TRU value in increasing in a 30-45 degree upslope, very slow but surely.  Will continue to accumulate more for once the chance arises.

QTF value has spike up to $28ish  but drop back down to 18.

LOC price has been stable.

HYDRA still getting their airdrop every week till they stopped for two weeks due to community vote, see https://medium.com/locktrip/hydras-super-dao-economic-patch-and-much-more-community-vote-bundle-e2f78476f2c8 They have since resume but price has been dropping.

BetU, have started to play in their fantasy league where you participate by locking 1000 BETU tokens to get 1000 fantasy pts per league. The rewards are in BETU tokens, and you don’t lose any BETU tokens. Pretty fun.

DFYN and ROUTER are the same company, have stake DFYN and farming DFYN/ROUTE. They have just finished audit with Hailborn and asking folks to test their testnet.


Found Baconcoin, ZKSync and DFL, going to explore more of them…


Added DFYN.


Still going hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool, still hoping to see matic triple in value in dec so i can return the loan. Going to test out Beefy finance

Dec Strategy

Stacked more TRU, BETU, DFYN, MATIC, BETU, bhome when possible.

Will continue to trade FTX futures.

Portfolio Oct 2021 Report and Nov Strategy

Oct portfolio has changed a bit, see the following mindmap:


GOMT has finished their ICO and successful in selling out their ICO. Waiting for token distribution, pretty excited about the project, my first ICO since 3 years ago.  November should be listing the exchange, should be kucoin.

TRU value in increasing in a 30-45 degree upslope, very slow but surely.  Will continue to accumulate more for once the chance arises

QTF value has climbed  up to $11-13 range, about the same price when they listed on bifinex.

LOC price has been stable.

HYDRA still getting their airdrop every week but price have dropped probably due to profit taking and not much hype around the project.

BetU, added a small amount, did have the chance to buy the ICO in august but got seduced by gomeat. Well, they have a fantasy league now and the platform looks good. Will stacked more once the chance arises

DFYN, just discover this small cap gem, a multi-chain dexes and low market cap as well. similar to what rune and ren are try to solve.


Part 3 of solstreet will begin, their ICO/IDO will probably begin in late nov/early dec.

looking at phantom galaxies and love the gameplay, reminds me of my childhood. the game is a cross between macross and transformer.

Looking to fin<200 million market cap gems. CLV is interesting…..



Added DFYN.


Still going hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool, hope to see matic triple in value before dec so i can return the loan. Added AAVE (AVAX) pool to test out.

Sep Strategy

Stacked more TRU, BETU, DFYN, Matic where possible.

Will continue to trade FTX futures.

Portfolio Sep 2021 Report and Oct Strategy


Same as the past 4 mths,  Sep portfolio is business as usual except for adamant finance, see the following mindmap:


GOMT has been selling out their ICO tiers and will end their tier 2 soon. If you are interested, use my refferal link for extra 2% bonus, ontop of the current bonus of 10%. -> https://gomeat.io/icopanel/invite?ref=UD00097

TRU value is consolidating ard 0.40-0.50. Have stacked more TRU, will continue to accumulate more for once the chance arises

QTF value has climbed  up to $11-13 range, about the same price when they listed on bifinex.

LOC price has been stable.

HYDRA still getting their airdrop every week, price has been consolidating around 18-22.


Completed Solstreet compeition part 2, waiting for part 3. Looking forward to their mainnet and ICO.



Nothing has changed. decided to forgone  TRU/WETH farming in  Sushiswap as tx prices is too costly.


Still going hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool. Took out adamant pool to hyper-compound Matic. when prices x2, will take repay loan through balancer pool and matic.

Sep Strategy

Stacked more GOMT, TRU, and Matic where possible.

Will continue to trade FTX futures.

Portfolio Aug 2021 Report and Sep Strategy

Aug is another calm and smooth month, same for the previous 3 mths since refining the strategy with minor tweaks, see the following mindmap:


Pretty much the same.

GOMT is starting their tier 1 sale, manage to get some GOMT, pretty exciting about them since its first ICO i bought since 3 years ago. If you are interested, use my refferal link for extra 2% bonus, ontop of the current bonus of 15%. -> https://gomeat.io/icopanel/invite?ref=UD00097

TRU value is consolidating ard 0.45-0.70. Have stacked more TRU, now thinking whether to stake or wait for x2 price. Hmmmm.

QTF value has climbed back up to $8-9 range, users acquisitions has been climbing at fair stable 20k-30k users, but the real deal has always been the retention and the number of trades they execute and close in order to get the spread revenue which translates into QDT. July was pretty dry.

LOC – tried with facebook ads and google ads to get referrals, not much headway. Price has been stable above $6.

CAS – decided to drop them as they under deliver again… quite tired of them, managed to changed the amount to GOMT and TRU.


Solstreet is pretty interesting and i have entered their competition in phase 1, and now in phase 2. Looking forward to their mainnet and ICO. Another crypto is Pyth, the oracle  based on Solana blockchain.


Nothing has changed much except moving into TRU/WETH farming in  Sushiswap.


Still going hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool, and Adamant Pool for QI pool

Sep Strategy

Exploring Solstreet and Pyth, stacked more GOMT and TRU where possible.

Will still lookout to hypercompound Matic when the chance arises


Portfolio July 2021 Report and Aug Strategy

July is a much calmer start since 1st half of 2021, refining strategy seems to be stable, see the following mindmap:


Pretty much the same.

GOMT is ending presale on Aug 24th, hopefully i can get some extra moolah to get the 20% bonus

TRU value has been fairly stable since the drop, will not add too much as the eth fees are crazy high again. Will probably add in after the ETH London upgrade which hopefully the fees will drop.

QTF value dropped and remain stable around the $5-6 range. I have faith the the team and Lev team always underpromised but overdelivered, the recent example is their web trading platform. The Quantfurians number is increasing and the volume perday is about 300-500mil.

LOC is still as solid as ever, been trying to market the product through google ads, doesnt seem to work so far with 3 additional affiliates. Will try facebook ads in Aug.

CAS has partner with Polygon but i don’t fancy the news too much as the product delivery is spread out in Aug-Nov. Given their track record of overpromise and no delivery, can only stay hopeful and exit when there is FOMO.


Nothing has changed


Took out FISH as i am not comfortable with them, still will move assets over to hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool, and Adamant Pool for QI pool

 Aug Strategy

Exploring Solstreet and Serum, have enrol into Solstreet competition and try out their platform. Impressed with Solstreet and their ecosystem which runs on Solana, using Serum as Dex for Solstreet platform.

Will still lookout to hypercompound Matic when the chance arises

Portfolio June 2021 Report and July Strategy

June is a happening month for me as i was rekt again, total of 3 times since March, May and June, the latest was iron finance. i thought that i can outrun the bank run, instead, i got outrun. On the bright side, it was small amount that i got rekt, good reminder lesson for me -> If it’s too good to be true, then it certainly is.

See the following mindmap:

This time around, finalize the asset allocations and include the traditional portion to have a more holistic strategy that caters to the 50/50 strategy. The active and passive part is 50/50% each, and further breakdown into traditional and cryptos, the percentage is 25/25%. This should be the final form of the portfolio going into the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Removed SAFEX, RUNE and ZIG for HODL and staking, consolidating the HODL to have a more concentrated portfolio.


New entrants are GOMT and TRU, GOMT is gomeat serives which they are addressing the halal and kosher market. The team already has a revenue-generating business since 2019 and the team is pretty solid, decided to take a leap of faith in the ICO, its my first ICO since 2 years ago and pretty excited about them. You can read more of them at this link.

TRU is a business that targets loan origination for commercial business, and I used to work in loan origination entity and like the TRU model but the tokenomics are a bit weak at the moment but there are proposals to change it.

QTF value dropped a lot since the token release in Bitfinex, i guess it due to folks are moving to much higher yield assets in DEFI space but no doubt Quantfury is a solid entity and just released the web version for trading.

LOC is still as solid as ever, with GOMT joining the HYDRA system and that will add on the network value. The issues i have with HYDRA is the tx value is still expensive than BSC and MATIC, and the TPS is 540. Well, let’s see.

CAS has a partnership to be announced on 22 July and i know who that partner is, a bit disappointed at how the AMA is run and how weak the Cashaa dev team is. Since they are hyping abt this so-called big partnership, hope to sell some of the holdings off to fund for TRU and GOMT.


Nothing has changed except took out RUNE, and ZIG, and added TRU.


Got into AAVE late, nevertheless, will move assets over to hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool, and a small amount for FISH.


Will funnel extra moolah from staking to AAVE and from there hyper-compound Matic, invest, stake accordingly, see following funnel map.

MATIC hyper compounding through AAVE

Saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDJeWom5As0 and was a few months late but timing was a bit better as the crypto market crashed in MAY and allow this strategy to be explored.

Decided to follow the video but it’s not too straight forward;thus, decided to blog this so I can follow it again.

The general steps are:

  1. Switch ETH to Matic network
  2. Use Quickswap to exchange for  Matic
  3. Deposit to AAVE
  4. Borrow stable coins
  5. Quickswap for Matic
  6. Deposit to Matic
  7. (Optional) Repeat step 4-7 till you are comfortable with the risks, in general 20-30% LTV.

Did a test round and it’s successful. The gas in MATIC network is almost negligible, given the high profile stage of this coin, it’s good to accumulate this coin while borrowing (loop) in stable coins to add more MATIC and get more WMATIC to be redeposited in the pool.

Plan is to borrow USDC or which stable coins APR is lower during the uptrend of MATIC, and only buy MATIC during the downtrend using USDC. Maintain the LTV at 20-30% in case of a crash.

Let’s see how it goes.


Portfolio May 2021 Report and June Strategy

For May, got rekt by the black wednesday on May 19th, need to store ammo and fight for another day. Anyway, the portfolio as attached:

Decided not to pursue Sorare as it takes  some time to research the current players as well as to pay for cards in order to gain higher ranking and better cards.


The HODL portfolio is holding well, better than the trading acct though.

Quantfury has been listed on Bitfinex and the price is ard $14 (1st June)

Cashaa has hired a new CMO and planning Defi in end June,  well, let’s see.

Safex development suddenly grind to a stop with no more updates from Dan, disappointing.

Zig has launched a buyback programm to burn their max supply by 50%, thats abt 1billion coins burned.


Got rekt………… need to find moolah


Locktrip, Hydra, Quantfury has been looking strong, still getting my Hydra airdrops every week and staking rewards on average 4 days.

Zig, is getting 110% APR in pre-staking for April and May.

Shifted some funds to thorchain for staking, will have APR updates next mth.


Need to get back in the trading game in June since MVRV sort of stabilise and explore more of thorchain.

Portfolio April 2021 Report and May Strategy

For April, climbing back up for trading in Quantfury acct since the disaster outing in March, the perps account is still on hold while doing research on various HODL coins.  Sorare was fun but need to purchase some rare cards in order to get more better and unique cards. Anyway, the portfolio as attached:


Have added ZIG and looking to add RUNE for May, the strategy will be to accumulate RUNE and ZIG, and trade perps for RUNE.

Quantfury going to list on a tier-one exchange on May 26th, see https://twitter.com/quantfury . Woo, hope to see $50-100 by the end of the year.

Cashaa is very disappointing with no delivery due to poor planning and price has been going down;in addition, India has 2nd wave of Covid. Hopefully, the AMA in May will address the project delivery.


Still using Quantfury to trade, will be using a new strategy, let’s see.


Locktrip and Hydra has been an absolute blast in April since staking started. Both their price have been climbing steady 6-7/30-40 USD since Webjet investment news and Cointelegraph reported it. Was hopeful for the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand to start but there are new cases of Covid.  Hope the world get vaccinated fast enough so travel can resume normalcy in 1-2 year LOC should go to the Moon.

Quantfury as usual getting the staking rewards and reaching new traded volume.

Safex just getting started with their TWM wallet and listed products, hope more adoption to follow to see staking rewards.

Zig, is getting 110% APR in pre-staking for April and May.


Planning to play around with zignaly and accumulate RUNE and ZIG.

Portfolio March 2021 Report and April Strategy

Sad month as the binance futures and quantfury got nearly decapitated due to my own greed and over exposure which wiped out my months of accumulation of DOT, LINK and ETH. On the bright side, these two accounts are about 10% of my overall portfolio. A lesson that I need to learn and relearn again, the exposure and getting too confident, will take a few months to recover both accounts.

Will still continue to trade on both accounts but on a smaller scale.  Now on my HODL and staking portfolio, see following mindmap.


Have shifted HIVE, WAX out and move some of them into buying LOC which is going to have an airdop 1:1 for HYDRA, and at the same time start to stake HYDRA which have a min 200% APR for the first year.  My average price is $2, and given the current price of LOC is $5, HYDRA is $23, a good investment i hope especially they have investment from Webjet and going to integrate their rezchain database which originally locktrip wanted to create a global hotel database for a fairer price comparison against the likes of OTAs like booking, Tripadvisor, etc.  With the vaccination efforts going around globally, a good time to accumulate and prepare for reopening of travel and tourism within this year, normalcy which i expect in 1-2 years unless another new strain strikes again.

QTF is finalizing tier 1 exchange presale/IEO which i am hopeful that the price will be around $8-10 a coin, i bought an average 0.68 per coin, which means an immediate 1000% ($8) gain. i am hopeful.


SAFEX have finally launched their TWM client and have started to stake, hopefully they can generate enough buzz, the adoption is still weak, will wait 6-12 months to re-evaluate.


Been exploring various crypto projects to find nodes to earn some spare coins, used to to ZEN, was too early let go and now ZEN is trading at $50….. oh well. looking at TFUEL and  RLC. Waiting for my new Raspberry Pi 4 to play with.


Started with Sorare, realized i have so much to catch up with soccer players these days, missed the 90s when my fav team was Liverpool. Axie infinity still need to buy axies to start with, and its not cheap, let’s see.


Exploring projects like uniqly and easyfeedback.


As stated earlier, will need some time to recover both accounts




March 2021 Strategy


Have changed the strategy for some, thats the good thing about cryptos, you can rebalance anytime without any management/commission fees except transaction fees.  It has been a crazy month in cryptos which is business as usual.

Ok, have move most of the funds in Binance to perps as i prefer directional trading over market making, the risk is much more but more rewarding than market making.  One of the most important thing in trading in the cost of entry and cost of exit. Market making is a HFT activity which slowly eats away your profit if you are not careful enough.


For this month or maybe the rest of the year, the long term strategy will focus on commodities, cryptos and some stocks. Holding PLTR for now.

Binance Perps

Short term strategy, hold no more than 2-3 days.


Looking at MAPS, SOL and OXY token, while the rest remains the same. Quantfury has finally release QTF tokens to uniswap and soon HITBTC. It’s been two years since i owned the coin and it has been paying QDT tokens every month without fail. An average of 0.3 eth every mth, and ther QTF listed price has move between 8-22. The secret is out of the bag, with only 10 million tokens in circulation, it will moon.


Have started the transition move to staking for DFI, FLOW. Quanfury was since two years ago. Hydra will begin in end-MArch once the tokens start to airdropped in.

Still hoping SAFEX will be ready, its been almost 3 years of promises.

Each of the token has their own specific use case in their relevant industry.


Utrade, FTX and Tiger brokerage are sidelined for now till there is a need to go in. However for Utrade, have been targeting China Rare Earth company.

Finally, to the Moon and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Portfolio Feb 2021 Report

Again, i have changed strategy, (see March strategy) and move out of market-making and into perps, still holding some coins in spot but will eventually move everything to perps.

The following shows the Binance perps PNL

Started on 20 Feb, after a week, generated 246%,  mainly due to ADA pump.

As for Quantfury acct, the progress is slow as the strategy is more long term.


Feb 2021 Strategy

Was thinking to do a quarterly strategy but the events in the stock market have changed the dynamics a lot.  See following mindmap.

Had move out of DFI cause they going to support Dodge as liquidity mining, I didn’t like the coin even it has rallied a lot. Decided to move more into Cashaa since the next two-three months will be very interesting as they are moving rapidly into opening physical branches across India for crypto banking services that are catered to retail folks. The market cap is pretty undervalued in India, see link.  Have also decided to store up DOT for the long term.

Still waiting for Safex to be ready in BW to offload it, we’ll see.

Now for the interesting part, short squeeze trade. Have loaded some funds in Tiger and Utrade, thinking whether to fade or join the movement, most likely in AMC and long TLT, GOLD for safety reasons but also looking for 5G stocks in the longer term. This is not about main street vs wall street, more about liquidity issues that might implode if WSB hold the line, an interesting nite. Depending on whats going to happen, will update again.

Portfolio Jan 2021 Report


One month down one month up, that’s cryptos, the Jan 2021 was interesting, didn’t do much of liquidity mining as was fine-tuning strategy but did two liquidity campaigns. Stocks were more interesting :). Decided to move into stocks either to fade or join the movement, depends on tonight. Overall, in terms of USDT value, portfolio is still up and have the same following coins:

Store of value coins :

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB

Alternative coins:

  • LINK
  • DOT
  • SCRT – Mining rewards
  • AVAX – Mining rewards

Quantfury results were better with 266 % profit. With what is happening in the stocks market,  going to be a wild wild ride in feb. Will update the asset allocation and trading strategy in another post. To the moon!

1Q 2021 Strategy

Did a review of the crypto strategy in 2020 and will update every quarter of the year. See the following mindmap plan for 1Q 2021.

The crypto space is moving very fast and will focus on DEFI stuff for the 1st Q, the new focus is CakeDefi with staking and sub-focus into Binance options using 3c.exchange.  Hummingbot liquidity mining is still good but will focus on coins that have catered to more liquidity rewards and strong use cases, HARD and XEM are the focus now unless new entrants are in.



Portfolio Dec Report


Dec was bad as i decided to take one mth break and plan for 2021 strategy. BTC was mooning and cause my overall portfolio to dip and the same for some of the alt coins. Overall, in terms of USDT value, portfolio is still up and have the same following coins:

Store of value coins :

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB

Alternative coins:

  • BNT
  • LINK
  • BAL
  • NEM – Mining rewards
  • HARD – Mining rewards

Quantfury results also dipped as I was hedging ETH, TSLA, SPY but the BTC move was too strong, and have to stop out the positions. Was down 60% but overall still in 193% profit.

Using 3commas to start algotrade for BTCUSDT, been testing for a month over several bots, chose two bots that were positive, one long and one short. Will update the results in Feburary.

Will post interim plans for 1Q 2021.