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Portfolio Feb 2024 Report and March 2024 Strategy

Late again as it was an exciting month with much updates


QTF price remains spike up to $8 insh, hope they settle the Invicitus case soon, and the wealth wallet launch soon.

RBN price rises to $1 insh due to farming program and listing on BINANCE!

Eth, nothing more to add but just keep adding

Lychee protocol to launched soooon,

K10K1M, added lots of funds and some of the tokens moon, espically NOIA. Have diversified into HYPR and RSTK, VXAI. The portfolio is intended to focus on Depin, AI and Gaming coins for secular trend, while tactical will focus on AI trading, and probably playing with hummingbot soon. Will list portfolio of Quantfury soon.

Metaverse + Infra

Syntrophy is now in silverstone, so mainnet, and the support level is around 0.08-0.10 insh


Looking at MUBI and Ordiswap, and increase more tokens in NOIA at support levels

Need to farm for thetanuts token.


same as last month, using chainedge and also to find alpha, and exploring VXAI


Hodl on to my realvision, AEVO and ROOT Nfts

Returns and Recurring Income

Has been stable


Bull market for Cryptos!

OCT Strategy

Stacked more NOIA, RBN, ETH when and where possible.