Syntrophy – NOIA, my next pick for 2022 and Beyond!

Similar to Truefi post, NOIA is the next coin i going to accumulate and stake.


Syntrophy is a rebrand of Noia network, so they are the same entity. Syntrophy is bascially an open internet project that focus on solving latency issues to provide the best connectivity for the user. This is achieved by creating a new routing algorithm known a Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) in which the protocol will find the best routes among the relayer nodes for the user.

Blockchain is required to recorded the transactions among the nodes and reward the relayer nodes accordingly to Proof-of-authority (POA)and Proof-of-bandwidth (POB), these network validation is performed by validators and once the validation is confirmed, it will be recorded in Amber blockchain.

For more information, refer here and download their collateral.

What’s interesting is that, they have submitted 6 patents and been granted 2 within a short time span of 2 years, thats pretty fast in patent work, see here for their patent reports

The fastest way to catch-up:

Twitter / Medium / Website

Important announcements:

❗️PCCW Global [Sept 13]

❗️Entain Group, a FTSE100 member, is a customer of Syntropy

❗️Syntropy Roadmap is Here

Open Internet Economy Model:

Syntropy Live:


Metaverse Related News



1H 2022 Crypto Shopping List

For the first half year, my shopping list is seek out the following and accumulate as much as possible.

  • Truefi and Phantomgalaxies
  • NFTs Infrastructure : Bacon protocol
  • Layer 1s : Atom and Ada

TrueFi and Phantomgalaxies

Been a supporter of Truefi since last year, check out my thoughts and plans forTrueFi in this post .

Been a first-person shooter fan since the days of CS beta back in 1999.. OMG, i am that old already….  phantomgalaxies combined FPS in a space environment with marcoss type of mechas, and a play-to-earn model!  So far they have over 100k member in discord and release their first pilot release episode 1 to the folks who registered for the game.

Its been phenomenal in terms of players, see their latest announcements in discord

One of the game stats so far:

Episode 1 Info:

• Over 100,000 players have downloaded and played Episode 1.

• Over 78,000 players have completed the episode and are ready to claim their completion badge NFT!

I am not able to play because of the Mac OS 🙁 but they will release MAC OS version in February, yeah!

Their planet sale details is coming in January which i guess will talk about the economy of how this game will be run. I am looking forward to it.

NFTs Infrastructure

Bacon protocol is a coin backed by US mortgages, see their description:

The Bacon Protocol introduces a new way for crypto wallet holders to hold a coin backed by the same types of mortgages that banks, insurance companies and governments use.

What i am interested is switching to bacon protocol during a prolong risk-off period and park my moolah there till risk-on manifest itself again. Seems market is going for a crypto winter again, we’ll see.

Layer 1s

Cosmos and Cardano, cause its time to moon, lol.

TrueFi, My Pick for 2022 and Beyond!

Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided by Coincise. The content below does NOT constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, nor does any of the information contained on this article constitute a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell any digital assets, securities, options, or other financial instruments or other assets, or to provide any investment advice or service.

Truefi has done over a billion in loan origination since inception in 2020 Nov, paid $8.6 million in interest to lenders and $991k to TRU governance. For more info, see .

Based on the latest blog post by the their CEO, . Truefi is aiming for 1 Trillion in loans origination!

Very big hairy audacious goal indeed. In 2022, Truefi intend to target such as venture debt, corporate debt, CDOs & CLOs, and many more; meaning, bridging the gap to the traditional finance market! In order to deliver that trillion dollar target, Truefi has upgraded their lending engine to V5 (latest by Jan 2022) and a number of initiatives in 2022.

One of the initiative is opening TrueFi to 3rd party asset managers who will construct entirely new lending pools, servicing brand new types of borrowers. To test this,

Truefi has first to launch an independent lending pool on the protocol. With the proposal of the TrustToken Asset Management lending pool, designed to offer B2B loans under different terms than the existing TrueFi pools, TrustToken will take on the risks and complexities of making 3rd party support work seamlessly to build the best possible platform for future asset managers wanting to launch new financial products through TrueFi. see link

If the 3rd party asset managers initiative is successful, this can open up traditional finance folks in the lending space to join uncollaterized lending space. However, to attract the tradfi players, there are three items to V5 engine upgrade:

  • Automating Loan Rating
  • Borrower TRU Staking
  • One-Click Borrowing

For details on the three items, see link.

Currently, the circulating supply is 548,956,194 with 3 more tranches of 33,562,500 to be released next year till August 2022 ; thus, adding a total of 100687500 tokens by August 2022. With over 200 million TRU stake at Truefi, the floating supply is closer to 348 million, cex at 167 million (See and at current price of 0.35 cents per token.

Based on the supply exchanges from Santiment (1 mth gap), the cexes has 150 million back in end nov, and this number has increased to 167 million ( manual calculation from etherscan). .

Based on the continuation supply in exchanges and tranches to be released, TRU price should be suppressed till 2Q 2022 whereby the 3rd party asset manager results should be clearer. Time to load up till then!
[Update 13Jan 2022] There will be a townhall on 14th Jan Hopefully i can attend cause it will be 2am my time…… zzzz , hopefullly more updates from me by then.

[Update 14Jan 2022] manage to get up and attend the townhall, the next level they are going for the protocol is to let traditional coys to originate loans through asset manager. this asset manager is basically a 3rd-party that will use trufi to borrow and manage money from the trufi community pool of funds. They have one coy in place – and will start to look for more. they will release this new feature once audit is completed.

Truefi is going to charge 50 bips (as suggested by the CEO) for loans origination which can stacked up a lot in scale if they hit more than 1 billon in this year end, better if 1 trillion which is quite a tall target. We shall see.

The demo on the product is prototype but basically show the process of 3rd party asset manager registration, more details to be released later. TruFi tokenamics will be reworked for these changes and hopefully on the L2 front.

[Update 04 Feb 2022] Truefi has officially announced through Cointelegraph on the DeFi lending market for asset managers, see link.  A sample of the announcement., a Mexico-based Y-Combinator startup, was announced as TrueFi’s first non-crypto financial partner. Since December, the startup has used TrueFi to originate millions of dollars worth of loans and expects to lend up to $25 million to Latin American businesses by the end of 2022

[Update 28 April 2022] 

News on three fronts, potential of more than 200 million (or more) in TVL


[Update 26 September 2022]




TL:DR, keep stacking more TRU because in the market, goldfinch, maple and tru are in the under/no collaterized lending market, and TRUEFI is one of the largest in terms if loans origination, 1 billion USD  last year and no company has defaulted so far. Given the release schedule of the tokennomics till aug 16th, prices will continue to be suppressed IMHO and will be price 0.30 – 1.00 till 3Q. Time to load up!

MATIC hyper compounding through AAVE

Saw this video and was a few months late but timing was a bit better as the crypto market crashed in MAY and allow this strategy to be explored.

Decided to follow the video but it’s not too straight forward;thus, decided to blog this so I can follow it again.

The general steps are:

  1. Switch ETH to Matic network
  2. Use Quickswap to exchange for  Matic
  3. Deposit to AAVE
  4. Borrow stable coins
  5. Quickswap for Matic
  6. Deposit to Matic
  7. (Optional) Repeat step 4-7 till you are comfortable with the risks, in general 20-30% LTV.

Did a test round and it’s successful. The gas in MATIC network is almost negligible, given the high profile stage of this coin, it’s good to accumulate this coin while borrowing (loop) in stable coins to add more MATIC and get more WMATIC to be redeposited in the pool.

Plan is to borrow USDC or which stable coins APR is lower during the uptrend of MATIC, and only buy MATIC during the downtrend using USDC. Maintain the LTV at 20-30% in case of a crash.

Let’s see how it goes.


Thoughts on using Hummingbot so far

It’s been quite a journey since late May 2020 till now, been trying out Hummingbot on an Ubuntu server, think i go live in mid June. Since then, i have 4 instances running, and so far make over 5000 trades, and a 12-13% return. Looking good so far but still need another 11 mths of data to really qualify it.

Was trading a fair bit using Quantfury but it will be next to impossible to trade during my sleeping hours or after Covid restrictions are lifted off. I did try to use 3Commas, they have excellent platform and have numerous bot including grid bot which is similar to market making bot except that the grid bot are trading on different price levels while hummingbot orders are price according to the mid-price.

What sets hummingbot apart is liquidity mining where you can get a reward based on your liquidity activity. I only run 2 instances for liquidity rewards to sort of earn back my VPS fees which is about $10usd, and hopefully the tokens that are being liquidity mined goes up in value as well. The other 2 instances is basically tokens that i have a long term view.

So far, i only need to monitor my instances a couple of times a day or if i need to change strategy for any bot, it doesn’t takes more than 20mins. Then there is monthly versions upgrade of hummingbot which takes slightly longer but i will usually update when no bots are running.

My target is running a max of 6-10 instances but i am happy with what i have now.

TradingView indicators ideas for Hummingbot

Now that we can send and control the start/stop commands from Tradingview to Telegram (see Link), let’s explore some Indicators that can be used for certain parameters:

  • Order levels and order spread
  • Start/Stop
  • Price band/Dynamic price brand(scripts)
Order levels and order spread

There are two indicators that you can use in Tradingview:

  • Average pip movement
  • EMA

See following screenshot:

The blue line on the price is the EMA while the bottom panel shows the average movement of the price, redline is the EMA and the blue is the average of the day. You can calculate the average percentage by taking average pip movement(EMA)/EMA, that is 0.00000021/0.00000398=0.0527. Then you multiply by 100, that is roughly 5.27 percent. What this means is the price moves around 5.27% a day. (You can adjust the settings to experiment which are the optimal settings) Based on this percentage, you can set your order levels to 5, spread to 1% or up to your desired levels within the 5.27%, or whatever fits your boat.


Depending on what strategies you want, you can use a trend following strategy, a simple moving average to start your bot during uptrend on stop your bot during downtrend, or accumulate more during downtrend. If you are a die-hard supporter of liquidity mining rewards and love the project/token very much but at the same does not wish to be suffering from down spikes, maybe volume profile will be a good way to explore, see for details.

Volume Profile

In a nutshell, most of the price action trade within 70-80% (you can define the percentage) of the price range and will revert to mean(POC). See following screenshot:

The upper and lower lines indicate the boundaries of the price within 80%(you can set this to whatever amount you like), yellow line is the POC which price will revert to. How to use?  Set your stop when price cross down the lower boundary, and start when the price cross back up. By setting this, your bot will always trade where prices are bound within 80% of the volume profile. The pros are that 80% of time, your bot will always be engaged in mining where most of the action takes place, and if prices move out of bounds (saves you from spikes down), the bot will stop till prices revert up.

Note: If you want a risk-free approach in holding and increasing the coin inventory, try using the cross-exchange maker making.

Price Band

Or you can use volume profile as to sell above 80% or buy below 20%. In this case, you wont be bothered by the whipsawed price actions within 80%, buy and sell at the extremes, this is similar to the price band parameters. The Hummingbot scripts which is enabled in v0.29 allows you to use a dynamic price band based on moving average price or you can customize the dynamic price band according to your own strategy. In short summary, there are three ways:

  • Volume profile:
    • start the sell orders when above 70-80%, stop when price cross down 70%-80%,
    • start the buy orders when below 20-30%, stop when price cross up 70-80%
  • Price band: manually set your buy and sell orders
  • Dynamic Price band: Using scripts to dynamically set your buy and sell order

So what about the POC? another way is to change strategy when prices cross down the the POC by accumulating more coins, and when prices cross up POC, start to distribute (sell) the coins. However, this is still quite a manual process in Hummingbot unless develop own script.

Trend Following

There are dozens of TV indicators that you can use for trend following. You can start the HB during uptrend or stop the bot during the downtrend. The issue with stop the bot during the downtrend is in the event of a prolong downtrend, the average cost of the coin for the inventory is higher. You can do a dollar cost average during the downtrend by buying the coin at a higher spread level, increase order level, etc, so the average cost per coin will be lower, and when the price reverts, the time taken to return profit is hopefully faster. Again, if the downtrend persist for a few months, you will be trapped with a large inventory and will have to ride it out. IMHO, don’t use it for smaller cap coins unless you really really have a strong sense with the coin that it can moon or only use it for the top 50/100 coins in Coinmarketcap.

If you don’t have the time to change strategy on-the-fly, and trade on a short timeframe, try using ping-pong mode during the uptrend which hopefully perform a fast in fast out trade, and during downtrend – stop the bot.

Choices, choices, choices.

Mean reversion

Still pondering with some ideas with futures order for hedging but Hummingbot doesn’t support this feature yet, will update on this post once futures is available.


Hope the article lets you explore more ideas in using various TV indicators to trigger Hummingbot.



How to send commands from TradingView to Hummingbot telegram bot

Important as of Aug 1st 2020: Confluxbot no longer offer free tier(Previously, you can set up to two free resender combinations), you need to pay $15/mth for unlimited resender combinations.

Discovered liquidity mining back in late May, and has a VPS setup to run the operation ever since. My problem with liquidity mining that it will work brilliantly in a trending or sideways market but terrible in a downtrend market.

So how can we keep running the bot in a trending or sideways market, and stop the bot in a downtrend market? The cons to stopping the bot in a downtrend is that liquidity rewards will stop unless there is way to import different strategy file but this is currently not possible. So let’s take a look on how we can auto-trigger the bot based on any technical indicator.


Luckily, hummingbot has a telegram feature where you can start or stop the bot. Secondly, tradingview has a webhook feature to trigger trades but what is missing is the connector.

The connecter is conflux bot which provides a free webhook, and then setup a channel, group account where the tradingview signals are sent to. From that channel/group account, we need to forward the messages, start/stop to the hummingbot telegram. See following flowchart:

During the setup, there were some problems as the message from tradingview to channel/group has addition message of #webhook. Inorder to forward the correct messages, using text manipulation (by confluxbot) needs to be perform first before sending the commands to the hummingbot telegram.

The end result is that total automation of liquidity mining can be perform by sending start/stop signals from Tradingview to humming telegram bot.


  1. Follow instructions to setup your hummingbot telegram.
  2. Add
  3. (For payment, steps 3-4) Click Show Packages.
  4. Select and click 1.Plus […option], and follow onscreen instructions to pay. Two payment types: Paypal and Bitcoin.
    1. Paypal: You will received a code in your email which you need to enter in the Redeem Access Code option.
    2. Bitcoin: Just pay to the address and the bot will be activated.
  5. Create a channel or a group. This group/channel is used as receiver from Tradingview triggers, and then forward to the hummingbot telegram bot. Add confluxbot as admin to the group.
  6. Go to ConfluxBot 
  7. Enter /Start
  8. Click Connect Accounts. Follow on-screen instructions for first time setup.
  9. Click Webhook. Your webhook URL is displayed.
  10. Copy & paste the webhook URL in your browser. A list of groups or channels is displayed.
  11. Look for the channel/group URL that you created (not the Hummingbot telegram) to confirm your channel/group is detected by conflux bot. Copy that URL as well.
  12. Go back to confluxbot, and click Telegram Account. You will be prompted to share your contact.
  13. Click Re-sender combinations.
  14. Click Add Combination. A list of telegram and discord groups/channels are displayed.
  15. Search for your group/channel. Tip: pin the group/channel so it will appear first. Select the number of the group/channel  as your source.
  16. Select the hummingbot telegram number as the destination.
  17. Click Back to Configs to confirm that you have selected source and destination.
  18. Go Tradingview and setup your alerts to trigger start or stop:
    – In the alert actions, use the confluxbot webhook URL for your group/channel. For info how to setup Tradingview webhook, see
    – Enter Start or Stop in the message.So there will be two alerts messages, start and stop sent to the confluxbot webhook URL .Once either start or stop message is sent to group/channel. There should be an additional text infront of Start/Stop, for example #webhook Start or #Webhook stop. You need to perform text manipulation on those words. If there is none, great!
  19. Now go back to conflux bot, click Text Manipulation.
  20. Cut and paste the #webhook Start literally from the group/channel and paste the text in, and add :start. see following:
    Repeat step 17 for the stop
    For info on text manipulation:
  21. Click Forward/Resend , and ensure the mode is in Resend. This allows text manipulation to be performed before sending the message to the bot.Now the bot should be able to start/stop based on your Tradingview strategy and alert triggers.
  22. You also need to disable Show Headers, so when sending, the channel/group headers wont be included in the headers.Hope this helps! So we can sleep better 😛

Note: If you have alertatron, it can be use as well but the steps will be a bit different.


Liquidity Mining, Bots Trading, and Quantfury Trading

My main trading focus have shifted to the following three platforms:

  • Hummingbot for liquidity mining
  • 3commas for automated crypto bot trading
  • Quantfury for currencies/commodities/stocks trading.The focus is to shift everything to automated trading, as for Quantfury platform, its difficult to perform automated trading as they do not have APIs exposed, still researching other ways to use Quantfury as it still has the best fees in the business.

    Another method is using the Tradingview to MT4/MT5, but needs to find the best brokerage to execute this strategy.

Binance-Singapore VS Coinhako trading fees

The following article will be comparing against Coinhako, their pros and cons. I will skip the respective company intro as everyone should already who Binance and Coinhako is. For a start, Binance is new in Singapore and been around since 2019 where Coinhako has been around since 2014. For a start, Binance only offer 8 crypto currencies which in IMHO are solid. Let’s compare these crypto currencies trading fees to Coinhako.

The following table is from

binance fees

Let’s compare side-by-side to

For ease of use, i cross-reference the common crypto currencies, see following withdrawal fees.


For ease of use, i edited the Binance fees for easier comparison.

Other than XRP, BCH, and BNB, Binance is cheaper that Coinhako. No clear winner here, depends on the cryptos that u are interested in.

Coinhako charge 1.0% for every sale and purchase of crypto whereas Binance only charge 0.6%. Better Rate-Binance Singapore.

Both also allow xfers for deposit of cash. What Coinhako has is in terms of:

  • More cryptocurrencies which equal to more choices
  • More rewards and promos

Coinhako is applying to be a licensed operator hence they have more compliance to deal with. Overall, use each exchange to your needs, depending on your choice of crypto currencies.