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Portfolio May 2024 Report and June 2024 Strategy

Will post earlier as going for short trip.

consolidate, conslidate, conslidate for ETH ETF Banana Zone!

Now that ETH ETF has approved, need to focus on Eth and what other possible cryptos to accumlate for the next ETF. Looking at SOL, ADA, LTC, FIL, XRP etc


QTF price dropped till 6insh, nothing has changed, waiting for Hyperion abitration results

Eth, nothing more to add but just keep adding

Lychee protocol again, waiting to be launched.......

Metal is waiting to relanuched, the bot looks good so far

CX has been fairly consistent with the revenue, price action seems to be stable and moving up

Metaverse + Infra

Synternet has released the 2H roadmap and looks very promising and now waiting for mainnet to launch.

CETI has delivered 40 H100s, and now testing, and later going for pilot.


Priority now is CETI, keep accumlating till June and see how they are progressing


same as last month, using chainedge and glassnode


Hodl on to my realvision, AEVO and ROOT Nfts

Returns and Recurring Income

Has been stable


Holding off , focus on crypto

May Strategy

Stacked more NOIA, CETI when and where possible. Time to show some results in Quantfury once i am back from a short trip.