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Portfolio Dec 2023 Report and Jan 2024 Strategy

Happy New Year 2024! Exicting times for 2024-25. Hopefully can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


QTF price remains stable at 6insh, recently launch another 6 tokens for trading. Hopefully to see more volume and more QTD tokens

RBN price reamins stable at 0.30+ insh, looking for token migration to AEVO by end Feb

Eth, nothing more to add but just keep adding

no news for lychee protocol, just need to wait

Launched a side project known as K10K1M, details over here plus portfolio.

Metaverse + Infra

Syntrophy has blown past 0.08 cents, looking good this year, hope to see the mainnet lanuch and the fees for using syntrohy soon,


Narrative shifting to BTC ecosystem due to the halving as ETF approval. Looking at BSSB, MUBI and Ordiswap.


same as last month, using chainedge and also to find alpha


Hodl on to my realvision, AEVO and ROOT Nfts

Returns and Recurring Income

Has been stable


Bull market for Cryptos!

OCT Strategy

Stacked more NOIA, RBN, ETH when and where possible.