Thoughts on using Hummingbot so far

It’s been quite a journey since late May 2020 till now, been trying out Hummingbot on an Ubuntu server, think i go live in mid June. Since then, i have 4 instances running, and so far make over 5000 trades, and a 12-13% return. Looking good so far but still need another 11 mths of data to really qualify it.

Was trading a fair bit using Quantfury but it will be next to impossible to trade during my sleeping hours or after Covid restrictions are lifted off. I did try to use 3Commas, they have excellent platform and have numerous bot including grid bot which is similar to market making bot except that the grid bot are trading on different price levels while hummingbot orders are price according to the mid-price.

What sets hummingbot apart is liquidity mining where you can get a reward based on your liquidity activity. I only run 2 instances for liquidity rewards to sort of earn back my VPS fees which is about $10usd, and hopefully the tokens that are being liquidity mined goes up in value as well. The other 2 instances is basically tokens that i have a long term view.

So far, i only need to monitor my instances a couple of times a day or if i need to change strategy for any bot, it doesn’t takes more than 20mins. Then there is monthly versions upgrade of hummingbot which takes slightly longer but i will usually update when no bots are running.

My target is running a max of 6-10 instances but i am happy with what i have now.

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