Syntrophy – NOIA, my next pick for 2022 and Beyond!

Similar to Truefi post, NOIA is the next coin i going to accumulate and stake.


Syntrophy is a rebrand of Noia network, so they are the same entity. Syntrophy is bascially an open internet project that focus on solving latency issues to provide the best connectivity for the user. This is achieved by creating a new routing algorithm known a Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) in which the protocol will find the best routes among the relayer nodes for the user.

Blockchain is required to recorded the transactions among the nodes and reward the relayer nodes accordingly to Proof-of-authority (POA)and Proof-of-bandwidth (POB), these network validation is performed by validators and once the validation is confirmed, it will be recorded in Amber blockchain.

For more information, refer here and download their collateral.

What’s interesting is that, they have submitted 6 patents and been granted 2 within a short time span of 2 years, thats pretty fast in patent work, see here for their patent reports

The fastest way to catch-up:

Twitter / Medium / Website

Important announcements:

❗️PCCW Global [Sept 13]

❗️Entain Group, a FTSE100 member, is a customer of Syntropy

❗️Syntropy Roadmap is Here

Open Internet Economy Model:

Syntropy Live:


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