Portfolio Oct 2021 Report and Nov Strategy

Oct portfolio has changed a bit, see the following mindmap:


GOMT has finished their ICO and successful in selling out their ICO. Waiting for token distribution, pretty excited about the project, my first ICO since 3 years ago.  November should be listing the exchange, should be kucoin.

TRU value in increasing in a 30-45 degree upslope, very slow but surely.  Will continue to accumulate more for once the chance arises

QTF value has climbed  up to $11-13 range, about the same price when they listed on bifinex.

LOC price has been stable.

HYDRA still getting their airdrop every week but price have dropped probably due to profit taking and not much hype around the project.

BetU, added a small amount, did have the chance to buy the ICO in august but got seduced by gomeat. Well, they have a fantasy league now and the platform looks good. Will stacked more once the chance arises

DFYN, just discover this small cap gem, a multi-chain dexes and low market cap as well. similar to what rune and ren are try to solve.


Part 3 of solstreet will begin, their ICO/IDO will probably begin in late nov/early dec.

looking at phantom galaxies and love the gameplay, reminds me of my childhood. the game is a cross between macross and transformer.

Looking to fin<200 million market cap gems. CLV is interesting…..



Added DFYN.


Still going hyper-compound Matic, invest in Balancer pool, hope to see matic triple in value before dec so i can return the loan. Added AAVE (AVAX) pool to test out.

Sep Strategy

Stacked more TRU, BETU, DFYN, Matic where possible.

Will continue to trade FTX futures.

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