Portfolio May 2021 Report and June Strategy

For May, got rekt by the black wednesday on May 19th, need to store ammo and fight for another day. Anyway, the portfolio as attached:

Decided not to pursue Sorare as it takes  some time to research the current players as well as to pay for cards in order to gain higher ranking and better cards.


The HODL portfolio is holding well, better than the trading acct though.

Quantfury has been listed on Bitfinex and the price is ard $14 (1st June)

Cashaa has hired a new CMO and planning Defi in end June,  well, let’s see.

Safex development suddenly grind to a stop with no more updates from Dan, disappointing.

Zig has launched a buyback programm to burn their max supply by 50%, thats abt 1billion coins burned.


Got rekt………… need to find moolah


Locktrip, Hydra, Quantfury has been looking strong, still getting my Hydra airdrops every week and staking rewards on average 4 days.

Zig, is getting 110% APR in pre-staking for April and May.

Shifted some funds to thorchain for staking, will have APR updates next mth.


Need to get back in the trading game in June since MVRV sort of stabilise and explore more of thorchain.

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