Portfolio March 2021 Report and April Strategy

Sad month as the binance futures and quantfury got nearly decapitated due to my own greed and over exposure which wiped out my months of accumulation of DOT, LINK and ETH. On the bright side, these two accounts are about 10% of my overall portfolio. A lesson that I need to learn and relearn again, the exposure and getting too confident, will take a few months to recover both accounts.

Will still continue to trade on both accounts but on a smaller scale.  Now on my HODL and staking portfolio, see following mindmap.


Have shifted HIVE, WAX out and move some of them into buying LOC which is going to have an airdop 1:1 for HYDRA, and at the same time start to stake HYDRA which have a min 200% APR for the first year.  My average price is $2, and given the current price of LOC is $5, HYDRA is $23, a good investment i hope especially they have investment from Webjet and going to integrate their rezchain database which originally locktrip wanted to create a global hotel database for a fairer price comparison against the likes of OTAs like booking, Tripadvisor, etc.  With the vaccination efforts going around globally, a good time to accumulate and prepare for reopening of travel and tourism within this year, normalcy which i expect in 1-2 years unless another new strain strikes again.

QTF is finalizing tier 1 exchange presale/IEO which i am hopeful that the price will be around $8-10 a coin, i bought an average 0.68 per coin, which means an immediate 1000% ($8) gain. i am hopeful.


SAFEX have finally launched their TWM client and have started to stake, hopefully they can generate enough buzz, the adoption is still weak, will wait 6-12 months to re-evaluate.


Been exploring various crypto projects to find nodes to earn some spare coins, used to to ZEN, was too early let go and now ZEN is trading at $50….. oh well. looking at TFUEL and  RLC. Waiting for my new Raspberry Pi 4 to play with.


Started with Sorare, realized i have so much to catch up with soccer players these days, missed the 90s when my fav team was Liverpool. Axie infinity still need to buy axies to start with, and its not cheap, let’s see.


Exploring projects like uniqly and easyfeedback.


As stated earlier, will need some time to recover both accounts




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