Portfolio July Report

I have been using Hummingbot since mid June, and this is my first full month report for July. I am using Blox to chart the performance of Hummingbot, there is no new deposit or withdrawal for July, and i masked out figures for privacy.

It has been a good month, 37% ROI. A number of factors contributed to the ROI, BTC, ETH, LINK spike in prices, and Hummingbot usage. So much HB % contributed to the growth? 12% (current portfolio value/initial portfolio value) so far. ROI expectations for August, no ideas, need another 11mths of data i guess. Oh well, to the moon!

Since i am using the 50/50 ratio, the ratio isĀ  currently at 57/43, the store of value coins is 57% while the alternate coins is 43%

Store of value coins (treated like bonds):

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • BNB

Alternative coins(treated like stocks):

  • BNT
  • LINK
  • RLC – Mining rewards
  • COTI – Mining rewards
  • NULS – Mining rewards
  • MFT – Mining rewards



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