Portfolio Jan 2022 Report and Feb 2022 Strategy

Jan portfolio as follows:


GOMT updated their token listing on bitmart to Apr 2022 and Hitbtc seems to be postponed.Still developing the wallet integration and release by end 1Q.   Both the  Blockchain Event- Fort Lauderdale, FL USA) and the second in Apr of 2022 (Bitcoin 2022 — Miami FL USA) will not be going due to the postponement of the token release, instead, they will go to consensus 2022 in June, will have to observe for another 6 more months. my only gripe with them is not blockchain development running in parallel for the Hala/kosher certification.

TRU price has continue in a sideways mode, pretty much expected. They have approved truefiDAO, see  link for details.

QTF price has remain steady in the 10-20 range

LOC price has dropped to 2+, almost to my breakeven level.

HYDRA price has slightly improved back to 8+ level, and the team announced another project which personally, not too fond about the project and the intent.

BetU new league have started and been participating in the league, trying to punt with multi-parlays…

DFYN and ROUTER price been dropping still even after their mainnet has launched. Still staking though since its almost  1:1 parity and since the India govt has given the nod for cryptos, we’ll see

DFL, have liquidate the tiny amount and moved on.

HBOT is the governance token for Hummingbot, and gotten some of the tokens. Thank you for the tokens! While there is no value except from the uniswap pool. They will most likely release more utility because 36% is reserved for the community pool. For details, see link.


Looking at NYM and maybe run a node and test out the mixnode, and also GamingGuildDAOs such as AVG, MC and GF.


Still going hyper-compound Matic(if possible), withdraw from Balancer pool cause crypto market was dropping which affected my health ratio in AAVE, need to preserve my bank acct.

Returns and Recurring Income

My HODL portfolio has returned 100X, with 3 coins in the loss (averaging 50% drawdown) and recurring income is mid four-figure range but this will soon dropped in April due to HYDRA airdrop finishing by then.

Feb Strategy

Stacked more TRU, BETU, MATIC, BETU, bhome when possible.

Continue with  INJ dex.

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