Portfolio April 2021 Report and May Strategy

For April, climbing back up for trading in Quantfury acct since the disaster outing in March, the perps account is still on hold while doing research on various HODL coins.  Sorare was fun but need to purchase some rare cards in order to get more better and unique cards. Anyway, the portfolio as attached:


Have added ZIG and looking to add RUNE for May, the strategy will be to accumulate RUNE and ZIG, and trade perps for RUNE.

Quantfury going to list on a tier-one exchange on May 26th, see https://twitter.com/quantfury . Woo, hope to see $50-100 by the end of the year.

Cashaa is very disappointing with no delivery due to poor planning and price has been going down;in addition, India has 2nd wave of Covid. Hopefully, the AMA in May will address the project delivery.


Still using Quantfury to trade, will be using a new strategy, let’s see.


Locktrip and Hydra has been an absolute blast in April since staking started. Both their price have been climbing steady 6-7/30-40 USD since Webjet investment news and Cointelegraph reported it. Was hopeful for the travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand to start but there are new cases of Covid.  Hope the world get vaccinated fast enough so travel can resume normalcy in 1-2 year LOC should go to the Moon.

Quantfury as usual getting the staking rewards and reaching new traded volume.

Safex just getting started with their TWM wallet and listed products, hope more adoption to follow to see staking rewards.

Zig, is getting 110% APR in pre-staking for April and May.


Planning to play around with zignaly and accumulate RUNE and ZIG.

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