March 2021 Strategy


Have changed the strategy for some, thats the good thing about cryptos, you can rebalance anytime without any management/commission fees except transaction fees.  It has been a crazy month in cryptos which is business as usual.

Ok, have move most of the funds in Binance to perps as i prefer directional trading over market making, the risk is much more but more rewarding than market making.  One of the most important thing in trading in the cost of entry and cost of exit. Market making is a HFT activity which slowly eats away your profit if you are not careful enough.


For this month or maybe the rest of the year, the long term strategy will focus on commodities, cryptos and some stocks. Holding PLTR for now.

Binance Perps

Short term strategy, hold no more than 2-3 days.


Looking at MAPS, SOL and OXY token, while the rest remains the same. Quantfury has finally release QTF tokens to uniswap and soon HITBTC. It’s been two years since i owned the coin and it has been paying QDT tokens every month without fail. An average of 0.3 eth every mth, and ther QTF listed price has move between 8-22. The secret is out of the bag, with only 10 million tokens in circulation, it will moon.


Have started the transition move to staking for DFI, FLOW. Quanfury was since two years ago. Hydra will begin in end-MArch once the tokens start to airdropped in.

Still hoping SAFEX will be ready, its been almost 3 years of promises.

Each of the token has their own specific use case in their relevant industry.


Utrade, FTX and Tiger brokerage are sidelined for now till there is a need to go in. However for Utrade, have been targeting China Rare Earth company.

Finally, to the Moon and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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