Portfolio June 2022 Report and July 2022 Strategy

June portfolio as follows: Same as previous month. June has been a difficult month where the UST collapse impacted other crypto entities from Celsius, Blockfi, to 3AC. Finance QTF price has dropped down to 5insh due to the overall market sentiment. RBN, the developers keep on building products and partnership. Will continue to accumulate Eth, […]

Portfolio April 2022 Report and May 2022 Strategy

Categorized the portfolio. April portfolio as follows: Ever since Hydra have finished seeding, there is more flexibility in freeing up capital to go deeper in projects that have more value IMHO. HODL In general, have decided to go with 3 categories: Finance Metaverse Infra Finance TRU price has spiralled down in price which is much […]

1H 2022 Crypto Shopping List

For the first half year, my shopping list is seek out the following and accumulate as much as possible. Truefi and Phantomgalaxies NFTs Infrastructure : Bacon protocol Layer 1s : Atom and Ada TrueFi and Phantomgalaxies Been a supporter of Truefi since last year, check out my thoughts and plans forTrueFi in this post . […]

TrueFi, My Pick for 2022 and Beyond!

Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided by Coincise. The content below does NOT constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, nor does any of the information contained on this article constitute a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell any digital assets, securities, options, or other financial instruments or other assets, or […]

Portfolio Nov 2021 Report and Dec Strategy

Nov portfolio as follows: HODL GOMT has listed their coin on Hydra Dex and will list the token on a tier 2 exchange which will be announced in December.  Was hoping for Kucoin though. The price fluctuates 0.99 to 1.87 in Nov and reach 3000 GOMT burnt. For more details on their progress -> https://gomeattoken.medium.com/?p=9d212dfd30d6 […]

Portfolio Oct 2021 Report and Nov Strategy

Oct portfolio has changed a bit, see the following mindmap: HODL GOMT has finished their ICO and successful in selling out their ICO. Waiting for token distribution, pretty excited about the project, my first ICO since 3 years ago.  November should be listing the exchange, should be kucoin. TRU value in increasing in a 30-45 […]