6 May BTC Trade Strategy

Almost everyday in the market will see clear cut of BTC manipulation. See the following screenshot

See that 900 BTC at 9050? i have a BTC trade at the right direction at 8990, and now supported by that massive BTC wall at 9050, at the same time i move my BTC SL to 9050 (the reason is to protect profit and since a whale is manipulating it, why not? But if the whale let go of the buy wall, the price will go down hence a sell order at 9049.

There are huge sell walls on different levels from 9100 to 9160. I believe the whales are trying to convince the retail traders that these whales are trying to suppress the price down,  and actual demand for it but if the price reaches 9100, these orders might be taken down and push the price up.

Well, soon we will know,

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