50/50 is basically a crypto variation of the 50/50 portfolio that allocates 50% into bonds and 50% into stocks, and the 50/50 portfolio has shown an  average of 8.4% growth on the Historical Risk/Return (1926–2017) Source –Vanguard.

50/50 allocation is split into 50% bots, 50% small-mid caps/big-caps coins.

50% bots is self-explanatory, the trading model can be either spot/grid/margin, and will use various platform like 3commas/Bitsgap/Hummingbot, etc. Majority of the signals are from either Tradingview or the platform proprietary bots.

50% is basically in two groups:

The big cap coins that are stable and also can be used for lending, this flexible in times of bull or bear market. For example, if the crypto market is in a bear market, naturally, the cryptos prices will drop and should be lend out to generate interest. However, during the bull market, can allocation more percentage to either purchase more small-mid cap coins or move into bots.

Small-mid caps allocation are coins that are coins that have show promises in adoption and usecases but their cap size are small, and intend to hold for long term. One feature of these coins are that they generate income daily/weekly/monthly.

My portfolio will be balanced every now and then depending on the trades and the allocation is displayed via My Portfolio.