25th June ETH/XRP/Stocks Status Update

ETH – Satus Quo

Triggered a buy limit of 10 ETH at 310SGD.

Have a 5 ETH (HODL) USD positions at 170 USD and a total of 80 ETH (HODL) SGD positions. Together still 85 ETH positions, planning to add on the dips with intended target to reach 100 ETH positions by end-June.

Short fall of 15 ETH.  My base price is 223 SGD, the current price is 320, will hold the ETH till it breaks above 400SGD.


Bought 5000XRP using Liquid at price 0.45. Total of 15930 XRP USD in Quantfury and Liquid platform.

Prepare to add positions for every 0.10 increase in quantfury, next target at 0.51.  Intends to reduce positions from 0.80-1.00.


Sold FLEX as there are informative sell from coporate insiders. Bought Dell.

Public profile is: https://www.tipranks.com/investors/524558/thomas-yit




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