25 Dec 2019 ETH/SGD Trade

Trade Plan: Grid

  • First Position
    • Open: 149SGD
    • Stop:135SGD, shifted to 150SGD -> breakeven
    • Leverage:x10
    • Exit: Open
Second Position
  • Open: 154SGD
  • Stop:135SGD, shifted to 160 -> lock in profit
  • Leverage:x10
  • Exit: open
Third Position
  • Open: 185SGD
  • Stop:160SGD
  • Leverage:x10
  • Exit: open


  • Status: 25th December

    Both positions are in profit, will SL to to respective position at 150 and 160 for first and second position. Due to volatility and take profit, ETH reverse and hit limit order at 185 -> should have set a lower limit order due to volatility.

    Status: 29th December

    Second and Third position close at 160 due to market reversal, based on the chart pattern, it was due to market manipulation.

  • First position still holding strong.
  • Retrospective:

Since i am doing griding, should have taken incremental profit at 200SGD, and wait for retracement.


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