1H 2022 Crypto Shopping List

For the first half year, my shopping list is seek out the following and accumulate as much as possible.

  • Truefi and Phantomgalaxies
  • NFTs Infrastructure : Bacon protocol
  • Layer 1s : Atom and Ada

TrueFi and Phantomgalaxies

Been a supporter of Truefi since last year, check out my thoughts and plans forTrueFi in this post .

Been a first-person shooter fan since the days of CS beta back in 1999.. OMG, i am that old already….  phantomgalaxies combined FPS in a space environment with marcoss type of mechas, and a play-to-earn model!  So far they have over 100k member in discord and release their first pilot release episode 1 to the folks who registered for the game.

Its been phenomenal in terms of players, see their latest announcements in discord

One of the game stats so far:

Episode 1 Info:

• Over 100,000 players have downloaded and played Episode 1.

• Over 78,000 players have completed the episode and are ready to claim their completion badge NFT!

I am not able to play because of the Mac OS 🙁 but they will release MAC OS version in February, yeah!

Their planet sale details is coming in January which i guess will talk about the economy of how this game will be run. I am looking forward to it.

NFTs Infrastructure

Bacon protocol is a coin backed by US mortgages, see their description:

The Bacon Protocol introduces a new way for crypto wallet holders to hold a coin backed by the same types of mortgages that banks, insurance companies and governments use.

What i am interested is switching to bacon protocol during a prolong risk-off period and park my moolah there till risk-on manifest itself again. Seems market is going for a crypto winter again, we’ll see.

Layer 1s

Cosmos and Cardano, cause its time to moon, lol.

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