14th May ETH Status Update + XRP and EOS trade


Have a  5 ETH (HODL) USD positions at 170 USD (was planning to liqudate at 175USD but the price action went very strong up, therefore decided to hold), and a total of 60 ETH (HODL) SGD positions.

Everything is in profit and still aiming for exit at 1000 SGD, well, if this crazy pump still continues.


Been using Quantfury platform to try grid trading, but they do not have multiple limit order yet, and only can add on the positions.

Was able to get in around 0.29 before the crazy pump went rocket today, and i add on addition positions to make the price bought at 0.3563. If the trend still continues, will keep adding positions for every 0.05 movement as to simulate grid trading.


Went in at EOS around 4.8 and add on the positions, and now the price is bought at 5.2575. The climb is must slowly than XRP but stable and less volatile. Intend to hold till this crazy pump is over.


Make a huge mistake by giving up my positions which results in almost a total loss in the Quantfury platform, and the price turn around  at the bottom of my stop loss. Lesson learnt, i should get out earlier and position myself better.

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