12th June ETH XRP KDP TUR Status Update and Tipranks

ETH – Satus Quo

Triggered a buy limit of 10 ETH at 310SGD.

Have a 5 ETH (HODL) USD positions at 170 USD and a total of 80 ETH (HODL) SGD positions. Together still 85 ETH positions, planning to add on the dips with intended target to reach 100 ETH positions by end-June.

Short fall of 15 ETH.  My base price is 223 SGD, the current price is 320, will hold the ETH till it breaks above 400SGD.

XRP – Satus Quo

Been using grid trading in Quantfury, have a total of 10930 XRP, at 0.31955 price. Prepare to add positions for every 0.10 increase, next target at 0.51.  Intends to reduce positions from 0.80-1.00.


Bought the Ultimate package for tipranks and planned to use with the Quanfury platform, bough KDP and TUR.  Public profile is: https://www.tipranks.com/investors/524558/thomas-yit




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