10th July ETH/XRP/NEO/LTC/Stocks Status

ETH- Satus Quo

Bought  10 ETH SGD at 3370 SGD due to retracement movement in BTC

Have a 5 ETH (HODL) USD positions at 170 USD and a total of 90 ETH (HODL) SGD positions. Together still 95 ETH positions, planning to add on the dips with intended target to reach 100 ETH positions by end-July.

Base price of 241.22 for 90 ETH SGD positions.
Base price of 169.42 for 5 ETH USD positions.

Total of 95 ETH positions.

XRP – Satus Quo

Exit 10903 positions in Quantfury to lock in profit.

Still have a total of 13000 XRP USD in Liquid, intend to offload once hit breakeven or above 0.456

NEO – Satus Quo

Bought 26NEO using Quantfury at price 19 . Total of 26NEO in Quantfury.

Prepare to add positions from 10-50USD in griding positions of 500.

LTC – Satus Quo

Exited 11 LTC at ard 131USD as prices was bottoming out but went in at 126 USD for about 12 LTC.

Prepare to add positions from 100-130USD in preparation of halving supply https://www.litecoinblockhalf.com/


Looking at ALB, MOS,AEO and TPR

Public profile is: https://www.tipranks.com/investors/524558/thomas-yit

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